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Tecnologie FRB manufacture and stock a wide range of Precision Live & Dead Centres and Face Drivers for use on Lathes, Grinding Machines and Gear Hobbing Machines.

Tecnologie FRB Factory smallFounded in 1960 by Romano Franceschelli and based in Sasso Marconi, Bologna in Italy, highly skilled staff work with modern, hi-tech machinery in order to guarantee the highest quality of all of their products.

Quality is of the upmost importance for Tecnologie FRB who are constantly improving their products, services and processes in order to not only maintain and increase their competitive edge but also to ensure that you are getting the highest quality products to maintain and improve your competitive edge over your competitors.TUV quanlity Logo

Before shipping, every single manufactured part is inspected and tested by skilled staff in order to guarantee the highest of standards which you need to meet the required tolerances which your customers demand from you every day.

Their standard range of Precision Tool Steel or Carbide Live & Dead Centres and Face Drivers can fit onto all machine types to meet your every need. For example, there are standard live centres from Morse Taper 2 (MT2) up to Morse Taper 7 (MT7) and also up to Metric 100 as standard. With or without axial load distribution, Pipe Turning Centres with interchangable heads and much more.

There is a standard range of tool steel Dead Centres and Carbide Dead Centres from Morse Taper 1 (MT1) up to Morse Taper 5 (MT5). Full centres, Half centres, Female Centres and large diameter carbide dead centres. We can also work with you to design a centre to meet your individual needs and requirements.

Tecnologie FRB Face Drivers as used on Lathes, Cylindrical Grinding Machines and Gear Hobbing Machines for example work by a patented compensating system, operated by a wedge lever which allows four-pin driving. This system is highly adjustable and ensures a safe and relaible torque transmission under the most difficult of conditions such as rough surfaces or driving on faces not square to the diameter and rotation axis by as musch as 3mm.

On each pass it is possible to remove up to 15mm of material (in diameter) at a feed rate of 0.7mm/rev.

The centre point is independent of the driving pins and rests against a belleville spring washer assembly inside the shank. Even with varying centre sizes, work positioning is maintained with optimal repeatability. The centre point can be easily removed with no need to remove the face driver from the machine tool.